Saturday, September 3, 2016

The Bletchley Circle 1.2

This is much bolder and more fashionable than we usually see from Susan. I suspect she bought it in a hurry.

This is just the best thing- the buttons are all paired.

Jean continues the theme of clothes with holes in them.

Lucy's dress has a neckband with piping and a ruffle. In a solid fabric it would look like a flight attendant's uniform, but I like it here. Millie's wrap blouse is unremarkable but the print is cute.

The return of the lacy blouse. God I hate that vest.

Millie's top could be made with the Lea dress from Style Arc or with McCall's 5314.

Check out the pattern on Lucy's dress here...

It was her dress all along. Millie just found her some accessories.

That is a snood. Snoods are slutty in this universe.


Did everyone buy the same shade of blue wool?

It impresses me that her shoes match her coat. Maybe I need higher standards.

SO. MANY. HOLES in this damn show.

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