Tuesday, March 12, 2013

I finished something!



The back waist is shirred, so I only needed to open up the bust. I changed the angle at which the surplice front wraps in order to do so. I think the skirt is still too long. My friend thinks I should leave it, but is probably just trying to get out of pinning my hems. Thoughts?


  1. Hi, I love the fabric in the dress and you've done a good job but I agree it would look even better a bit shorter :)

  2. I love refashions. This is great. I had this discussion with my husband re the refashion on my blog a week ago. He said to leave the length. I shortened it - only by 1.25inches and it made all the difference. I would cut a bit off. But definitely pin and have a look

  3. I would shorten it maybe to knee length or slightly above, it think it makes you look shorter at this length, that length of dress does that to my body too. great job on the refashion!