Sunday, June 16, 2013

The Ethics of Tracing

          The other day I had what I thought was a wonderful idea. A lending library for vintage patterns, where you would receive a pattern, trace it and send it to another seamstress, much like any library. It seemed to me that patterns would be on the same moral ground as used books, that is, acceptable to most sensible people.
               I wanted to broach this subject to my sewing group when I realized they aren't truly comparable. When I give away a book, I don't retain the right to use it at the same time as everyone else- I give it up entirely. But tracing a pattern allows me continued use, which seems ethically squirmy even if it's harmless.

Readers, what do you think? Would a lending library be ethical? Would you use one?

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  1. Oh, what an interesting topic, not easy to find a definitive answer on the internet, very contradictory. Have had discussion with my OH (consults on licensing/copyright in the music industry), money changing hands is a key point it seems but that's not what you're suggesting so I'm not sure there's any law preventing you doing it. Good luck finding an answer :)